Fruit Snacking

Fruit is possibly the healthiest snacking option available, providing a massive array of benefits whilst being very low in fat and one of the few entirely natural snack foods. Most health organisations suggest people should get 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, and snacks are an easy way to fulfill the quota.

This post will provide a few suggestions of snacking fruit, with the goal of helping you find tastier, healthier snacks. Fruit in general provides long-lasting energy, making them a far more suitable snack than a chocolate bar or packet of sweets. The large variety of fruit is best summed up by the classic xkcd comic:


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so my 2 a day (11am + 3pm) must keep him miles off! These are easy to throw in a workbag as you leave, and are extremely convenient. With no peel to take off and the ability to be eaten with one hand, apples are truly the ultimate snack on the go. Their slightly hard skin also means they can take a little bit of a beating (unlike bananas), although the bruised flesh won't be as tasty. Apples always seem to taste nicer when cut up, but make sure to eat them quickly to avoid browning.

With a wide variety of apple variations available, it's worth experimenting to find a favourite. Whilst names vary between countries, it's still worth pointing out the crisp sharpness of a Golden Delicious makes it my favourite.


The monkey's favourite, you don't have to be bananas to enjoy them! That was awful, I'm so sorry. The humble banana is excellent in banana cake or in a sandwich, but they are also a very tasty treat straight out the peel. Whilst eating the bottom of a banana is generally frowned upon, it provides an extra bit of fibre with no downsides for those that enjoy it. With 100 billion bananas eaten every year, they are an overwhelmingly popular breakfast and lunch ingredient worldwide.

Oh, and don't forget to open them properly!


Like apples, oranges have a wide variety of flavours and sizes so finding one you enjoy shouldn't be too hard. Easy peelers are available year round, and are as convenient as oranges can be. Small, easily peelable, and with very few pips, eating a couple of them is a great way to have a sweet snack. The only downside is the associated mess of peel and pith, and sticky fingers!

Larger variations of orange are more a challenge, requiring an investment of time and effort to get to the main part of the fruit. They also take a reasonably long time to eat, with a recent workplace challenge proving we couldn't eat 5 pre-peeled oranges in 5 minutes!


Grapes are possibly the tastiest fruit around, I can never stop myself from eating the entire packet whenever they are purchased. Whilst they do tend to be quite expensive, they are very convenient to eat one by one over an extended period of time. As with most fruit grapes have many wide-ranging health benefits ensuring they are a guilt-free snack candidate.


Technically raisins are just dried grapes, but they are distinct enough to warrant a separate section. Raisins are best for those that tend to buy fruit, forget about it, and end up throwing it out once it goes off. They can last weeks, even months, without any negative side effects, and still contain almost all of the energy of the grape before it was dried. They are also very convenient, with a small packet providing tens of tiny individual snacks. Their harder, dried nature also means they can't be bruised by a bumpy bike ride, so are perfect for those that cycle to work.

Snack In Moderation

As with any snacks, it's important not to go over the top on fruit snacking. They are a sugary food, so too many will have negative side effects on digestion and dental hygiene. That being said, the side effects are nowhere near as negative as over-snacking on crisps or chocolate would be.

Speaking of dental hygiene, make sure not to eat fruit before brushing your teeth, as the sugar temporarily weakens a tooth's enamel meaning it can be eroded easily by the toothbrush. As for eating after brushing, one taste of an orange should ensure the mistake is a one-off!
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