Running: Choosing Clothing

I often hear from people that knowing what to wear for running is often one of the biggest barriers to entry. With all the brands to choose from, all with their own terminology, it can be hard to know which aerodynamic-breathable-stretch-mesh-compression item is for you.

Luckily, all you actually need is something comfortable and practical. As this is a starter guide, the advanced features of high end clothing won't be discussed, and instead the bare essentials will be focussed on.


The most important part of your outfit. Without a decent pair of these, you're going to suffer from sore feet, blisters, or worse. This is the only item of clothing that is worth every penny you spend, with the more expensive trainers generally offering better protection and support. 

That being said, a £40 / $50 pair of Nike / Adidas running trainers is more than enough for a beginner. It's worth going into a retail store to try them on first, as a snug fit is very important. Whilst the brand isn't too important, why run the risk of an unknown, untrusted brand?


For either gender, any cheap vest is going to be perfectly sufficient. It's important the vest is slim fitting, or you'll lose some of your energy to air resistance. Whilst skintight clothing is only a minor improvement from a slim vest, it is still an improvement that more experienced runners may want to look into further.

Ladies, you're going to need a sports bra. It has to be tight, as it must provide more support than your usual everyday ones. 


As with your top, you're going to want something slim fitting and flexible. I tend to wear an everyday pair of athletic shorts, as the provide the flexibility without letting me overheat in the cold morning air. If you're in a hotter environment, the breathability of skintight options will be a more appealing option.

Guys, make sure you're wearing underwear with plenty of support (boxer briefs, not boxer shorts!).
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